Boosters Purpose

The Sunrise Gymnastics Academy’s (SGA) booster club, Sunrise Gymnastics Boosters, is a Non-Profit organization that was established in 1982. The Sunrise Gymnastics Boosters organization was granted Federal income tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in a determination letter that was issued in January 1986.

The sole objective of the Booster Club is to serve as a source of encouragement and financial support for the Sunrise Gymnastics Academy competitive teams. The Booster Club pays all scheduled individual and team fees primarily through team fees, fundraising, and donations. The Booster club also pays USA Gymnastics Fees for all eligible team members, and provides monies for coaches expenses incurred during meets. The Booster Club funds team parties and banquets to help promote team spirit and bonding..

Boosters Mission

Each and every member adds to the strength and success of this group. Thus, by better understanding its purpose, how it functions and how each member contributes, each member can then add to the future achievements of this organization. It is important to realize the Booster Club has no say in the policies of the gym or on the progress of your child. Sunrise Gymnastics Boosters are the Boosters, not the owners or the management of Sunrise Gymnastics Academy. Gym policies or other subjects unrelated to Sunrise Gymnastics Booster’s objectives will not be discussed at Booster Club meetings. These issues should be discussed with the Coaches or Owners. .

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